So I started a blog…

IMG_1956I didn’t expect to do this, but after a few mass emails about rowing, I realized that perhaps overloading my friends’ email in-boxes wasn’t the best way to stay in touch. It’s gonna be a long year, and I think I need to write some of this down, if only to keep myself sane.

If I follow through with this site, I will post about navigating this foreign environment without much German, managing three kids in three different schools, keeping track of my opera-going husband, and rowing on new bodies of water whenever possible.

If you’re interested, please follow along. Do me a favor and give me a sign you’re reading so I don’t go too stir-crazy here, staring out the window at the city below, writing reports about Minnesota nonprofits while trying to find a foothold in Berlin. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “So I started a blog…

  1. Merie

    Happy to be reading about your experiences, and glad you are keeping a blog. If for no other reason than to have a record (so helpful when you write your book about touring Europe via rowing clubs, yes?). Hugs to you all!

  2. Amy P

    Jill — I’ve loved hearing about your adventures in Berlin. We keep talking about the novelty of being in a triplet on the water or having to take dramamine (YIKES!) before a row. Thanks for letting me live vicariously. 🙂

    1. Jill M. Post author

      Amy – is that what it’s called, a triplet? I don’t have words in English or German for the things I’m seeing. And I agree, I never thought I’d take dramamine to row!


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