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You can’t take it with you

dhl photoIt was one year ago this July when C and I flew home from Berlin while M stayed on one last week with our two other daughters: playing a few recitals, saying a few more goodbyes, wrapping up our affairs. M walked through the apartment with the landlord one last time; he returned borrowed items to the neighbors: mattress, floor lamp, patio table and chairs. And he asked our friend Doris to drive him to the post office to ship home a few boxes, the odds and ends of our accumulations in Berlin.

I picture Doris pulling up in front of our yellow apartment building in her small hatchback, waving to M up on the balcony. I can see her climbing the red carpeted stairs up to our flat once, twice, to help him carry down the three heavy boxes he’d prepared to send—boxes packed with our family’s winter coats and boots, the handcut wooden puzzles we found in Paris, hiking boots, stuffed animals, and other random items too cumbersome to fit in the remaining suitcases.

There was one last box that wasn’t quite ready to be sealed up and put in the trunk of the car when Doris arrived. Continue reading

Street scene

I’m sitting in the front window of a bakery idly stirring a cappuccino, my laptop open before me, looking out the plate-glass window at Viktoria-Luise Platz. I did not know this platz existed a week ago; now I can’t seem to stay away.

There’s a man standing on the sidewalk holding an envelope and a pen. He has stopped in front of the bakery, but he’s looking intently at the business next door. I can’t see what it is from where I sit.

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