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Sharing the love: Dear Novice Rower

DNR_Logo_RGBShe did it again.

Another thoughtful, useful, well written, humorous, self-deprecating post written just for rowers landed in my inbox this morning.

I’m talking of course about Lauren Crandall and her new-ish blog, Dear Novice Rower.

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Ham sandwich


It’s just a whole lot of oars. Credit: norcalboosters.org

Anyone who has rowed for JD knows his phrase “ham sandwich.” He’ll use it to describe a pause you may have, particularly at the catch.

“You’re sitting at the catch so long, you could have a ham sandwich,” he’ll say through his green megaphone, always making me smile at the thought of someone bringing a ham sandwich in a boat with them.

Never did I think the day would come that someone would actually eat a ham sandwich in a boat.

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