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What do I know of Beethoven

ImageOur friend Hanna hosted our family for dinner and piano playing the other evening. Not just our family, but also Andrew and Yuri who were visiting us from New York. Hanna is the white-haired professor with saucy red glasses who led us through our visa trials with humor and grace, and we wanted her to meet our old friends from home.

Both Andrew and Yuri had attended conservatory to train in their instruments (French horn, flute) but each later turned to piano as an outlet better suited to home life and occasional practice. They work in fields beyond music and play piano when they can. Hanna is learning piano in her retirement. Continue reading

Lost in the Weihnachtsmarkt

gluhwein stand

At the Alexanderplatz Weihnachtsmarkt

My sister spent the past two weeks with us in Berlin. She works in Melbourne, halfway around the world. To think that she would come all this way to spend time with us was a marvel. With her I finally allowed myself to be a tourist in this town. We went on a chilly Fat City bike tour of the city; we went to the Bauhaus Archiv. We visited the Topography of Terror exhibit about the Nazi era; we went to the DDR Museum exploring the trials and tedium of life behind the Wall.

Getting to that last site was a journey in itself, involving Christmas Markets and a little midday Glühwein. Continue reading