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Dignity in the details

kaffee zum hier trinken

Image courtesy of Cafe Arkona in Berlin

Last night as I fell asleep the image of a coffee cup came to mind. In this moment the coffee itself was beside the point; it was the feel of the smooth white ceramic in my hands, the matching saucer that would surely come with it, a cookie or two on the side. It could come from any café in Berlin at all. It’s just the way things are done here; coffee is served with dignity.

In one of our first weeks here I learned the phrase zum mitnehmen, which felt like a personal triumph because it’s such a drawn-out way to ask for your order “to go,” but over the months I’ve come to appreciate zum hier trinken. I’d like the cup-and-saucer treatment, please.   Continue reading


Gravity-tether-is-broken-640x360On Friday night I took S and C to see Gravity at the cinema in Potsdamer Platz. It was in 3D and it was outrageously expensive, but we did it anyway because I couldn’t figure out if it would be in English at any of the other theaters where it was also playing, and for whatever reason, we needed a movie and a destination that night.

I won’t give anything away by saying that there are moments in the film in which we see the astronauts tethered to something or someone else. We also see them untethered.

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