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My life in an object

Auto Atlas Deutschland EuropaWhen a friend back home emailed me a workout at my request, she suggested I find myself a 10-pound weight. I had given her the parameters: I want to stay in shape while we’re in Berlin by doing indoor workouts that won’t disturb our ornery neighbor downstairs. I have no equipment at my disposal. Could she help? Her reply was a screenshot of a workout she’d led with fellow rowers back in the Twin Cities, and it included “TGUs,” which she suggested I look up online. I learned that TGUs are Turkish Get-Ups, in which you lie down and then get up off the floor while holding a weight over your head.

I looked around our sparse apartment for a 10-pound weight. Certainly nothing we’d packed in our suitcases would come close to that, as the heaviest things we’d brought for our year’s stay were our winter boots. I turned to our landlord’s shelves, half-populated with a random assortment of history books from his university days. One book stood out:  a hardbound Reader’s Digest Auto Atlas for Deutschland and Europa. I lifted it and saw that it would stay closed if I held it by its spine. Sure enough, it would become my new workout companion. Continue reading

Looks like I’m an expat

Expat Focus Top BlogThose of you paying close attention may have noticed a small logo that now appears on the right side of “Lost in Berlin” from the “Expat Focus” website. The good people over there decided to add my blog to their compilation of Expat Blogs from around the world.

I guess it’s fair to say that I hadn’t thought of myself as being an expat until I started reading other people’s blogs and experiences and realized that I’m writing about similar things. The only difference may be that I know I’ll be going back home after a year, while many people have pulled up stakes and moved their whole lives to a new country indefinitely.

The Expat folks asked if I would do an interview with them that they can post on their website. I just sent it off and thought I’d post it here as well. It is now available on this website. Continue reading

Without the rush

spandau castleWe returned from our fall break in Paris; like every family we know here in Berlin, we took advantage of the time off and traveled to a neighboring European city (easy to do when most are closer than Chicago is to the Twin Cities). Some went to Amsterdam, some to Nice, others to Istanbul. We did what we were supposed to do.

Continue reading