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It’s so easy to be green

Solar array on Berlin city hall

Solar array on Berlin city hall

Here in Berlin it is, anyway. I don’t have a scientific way to measure how much of a smaller footprint our family has on the earth in this flat compared to back home, but there are many ways in which we are consuming less energy without sacrificing any comforts at all.

Hot water

The first thing we noticed in our flat is that every time you use the hot water in the kitchen, the hot water heater in the corner kicks on to replenish what you’ve just used. It’s mounted on the wall in the kitchen, just six feet from the sink. You turn the water on, and if the handle isn’t pulled all the way to the right, where the cold water is, then you’ll hear the pilot click on and a quick blast of heat echoes however long you ran that water. It’s as if someone is forever sweeping up after you, removing all trace of you. I feel good whenever I beat the system and don’t kick on the hot water heater. Continue reading