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horseThere’s a moment when a train starts moving when common sense dictates you should hold on to something bolted down. It’s a really bad time to try to go for that open seat you just noticed a little ways down the car.

There are plenty of clues a train is about to pull away: the words “Zurupt bleiben bitte” or whatever it is they say at every station before the doors close, the red light flashing above the closing doors. If you’re not holding onto something, you will soon find yourself moving too. I know this, but open seats still tempt me.

Sometimes, even though I realize that the train is about to move, it hasn’t quite left yet, and I am sure that I can make it to that next pole, away from the tight knot of people around me, if only I can… Continue reading

Stumbling blocks

stolperstein stumbling blockThere’s so much I want to tell you. We’ve been in Berlin long enough that our lives are becoming less simple. Events are ricocheting off each other, and I can hardly find the thread in the story. When we first arrived it was easy – a new thought would seize me, and the blogpost would come pouring out. Now the input is coming so fast that I can hardly make sense of it all.

We’re seeing new parts of the city; we’re having friends over for dinner. We’ve gone trick-or-treating and have toured Potsdam and the Sanssouci castle and discovered an incredible Mexican restaurant in Kreuzberg. We’re breaking up small squabbles among our kids and enjoying the moments when they’re best pals to one another. We’ve read the list of concentration camps posted outside Wittenberg Platz, where we go to the drugstore. I’ve learned what Stolperstein are. We’re planning for visits from friends and family over Thanksgiving and Christmas and thinking about recipes. I’m starting new work contracts, I’ve finished reading Zeitoun, and life here is turning out to be quite like life anywhere – complex. I have started five different blogposts in recent days but none of them seem to go anywhere – at best they are just an attempt to capture what’s happening day to day. I can’t make sense of it all yet. Continue reading