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More than a meal

thanksgivingThanksgiving was a chance to introduce four Germans to the very American custom of overeating in late November. Or at least that’s what we seem to have accomplished. One of our guests called our meal ‘obscene,’ and I think we’re all still recovering from that.

We invited some characters to our Friday night presentation of a Thanksgiving meal. These included two old friends of M’s brother, who happened to be visiting us for work and for the occasion. His friend Uwe is full of wit, strong opinions, and a propensity to combine the two traits to put someone in their place when he sees fit. His niece, who lives with him, joined us after work, and before she arrived he said, remarking on the open seat next to him, “I don’t want to sit next to her; I have to see her every day,” which rattled us slightly but as M let her in the front door I slid over towards the miffed guest so he wouldn’t have to sit by her. Continue reading