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Queen of the road

bike lightBerlin streets are exhilarating on a bike. As a pedestrian I thought I’d never want to ride one in this city. That could be because we saw a bike accident within our first hour of arriving in our neighborhood in August. Not so much an accident as a slow-motion collision between auto and bike, the car backing up into the bike, the cyclist shouting at the driver, a mom with a small child strapped to a rear seat just a few feet away. The dad was still upright but getting dragged backwards as the car backed up. The driver quickly realized his error, threw it in drive and sped off, and the biking family was rattled but intact. A little unnerved, we continued our orientation walk in which I was planting all kinds of misinformation in my brain, mainly which direction was north and which was south, along with a renewed fear of riding a bicycle in traffic. I’m still trying to undo the faulty messages I received on that walk.

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Street scene

I’m sitting in the front window of a bakery idly stirring a cappuccino, my laptop open before me, looking out the plate-glass window at Viktoria-Luise Platz. I did not know this platz existed a week ago; now I can’t seem to stay away.

There’s a man standing on the sidewalk holding an envelope and a pen. He has stopped in front of the bakery, but he’s looking intently at the business next door. I can’t see what it is from where I sit.

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