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Playgrounds of Berlin – A photo essay

Wood, rope, metal, recycled tires. Sand, grass, brick, cobblestones. Benches, foliage, shade. Inventive, inviting designs. Suitable for little kids, engaging for pre-teens, durable enough for adults. Whimsical. Surprising. Never boring. All over the city. No two alike.


Trampoline Park, Prenzlauer Berg


Trampoline park, Prenzlauer Berg


Rope swing, Frankenstrasse, Schoeneberg

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A whiff of the past

PinocchioLast Friday M and I received remarkable gifts from two new friends, one his, one mine.

At 8:30 a.m., after the girls had left for school, a rower from the club came by our flat bearing toys for the kids. She and I have been rowing together for a couple of months now, and she always looks out for me at the boathouse. She had come for dinner a few weeks earlier and had noticed the lack of toys for the kids. She grew up in Berlin not so long ago, being only in her mid-twenties, and so she arranged to pick up some of her childhood toys from her parents to share with our girls. She brought us a box full of Legos with a pirate set, tons of little people, and even some Lego monkeys, two parrots, and a shark. There was also a bag full of stuffed animals, and bag of books. Continue reading